Success Stories of 2018

Over the years Stewart has successfully taken new drivers through their paces and working hard together we've had many success stories.

Charleigh Welsh

Passed on 10th Jan 2018

Bradley Dent

Passed on 15th Feb 2018

Ben Adams

Passed on 29th march 2018

Stanley Beevers

Passed on 11th June 2018

Joshua Hodson

Passed on 20th August 2018

Eleanore Cracknell

Passed on 4th Sept 2018

Marc Rowett

Passed on 28 sept 2018

Archie Marfleet

Passed on 7th Dec 2018

Charlotte Bakin

Passed on 1st Feb 2018

Haley Coley

Passed on 21st Feb 2018

Warick colebrook

Passed on 2nd May 2018

Katie Greig

passed on 12th July 2018

Gina Pears

Passed on 29 Aug 2018

Agnesse Serra

Passed on 6th Sept 2018

Alessandro pook

Passed on 04 octr 2018

Jessica Yorkshire

Passed on 20th Dec 2018

Harry Pogson-Blackburn

Passed on 7th Feb 2018

Mary Ranshaw

Passed on 8th Feb 2018

Eve Stannard 

Passed on 15th March 2018

Joe Wilkinson

passed on 22nd March 2018

Hannah Wilson

Passed on 3rd May 2018

Fran Willey

Passed on 10th may 2018

Keiran Hughes

passed on 27th july 2018

Mark Bedford

passed on 17th August 2018

Kirsty Burchnall

Passed on 30th August 2018

Samuel Jones

Passed on 31st August 2018

Joshua Shilling

Passed on 6th Sept 2018

Tom Robinson

Passed on 27th Sept 2018

Claire Ramsden

Passed on 12th oct 2018

Tom Carter

Passed on 18th Oct 2018

Megan Quinlan

Passed on 21st Dec 2018

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Would like to say a big thank you to Stewart for getting Jack through his test first time!!! You were a fantastic instructor and made jack at ease once again thanks so much.

Jack Dando passed on 20th March 2014