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This page is designed to give you access to resources that will be useful to get you started, before you get into a car and afterwards.

Your Instructor
Your Driving License

You may find the following links helpful when thinking about choosing your Driving Instructor.  We know this is a daunting task, but we know that Stewart can drive you forward.

To become a full British licence holder you need to pass the theory test (both the questions and hazard perception) and of course the practical Driving Test.

Once you have passed the theory test you can then apply for a practical driving test (when you are able to drive to a high standard)

You & Your Driving
Learning Resources

You may find the following links helpful to you while you learn to drive.

Check out these Learning Resources pages and use the Driving Organisations pages, you never know when you'll find them useful.

Hi Stewart,
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for getting me through my test, first time, and always believing that I could manage it even when I didn’t think I could! You've rocketed my confidence.
Having a driving lesson with you is such a chilled and supportive way to learn - I wish more teachers would adopt your approach! When I needed pushing on, you never made me feel as if you’d dropped me in the deep end or given me more than I could handle.
Friday nights are going to be a lot duller without my lesson with you! I’m considering taking the Pass Plus just so we can have a good old laugh again!!
Thanks again, Poppy

Poppy Smith passed on 7th April 2015

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