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Class of 2015

Over the years Stewart has successfully taken new drivers through their paces and working hard together we've had many success stories.

Michaela Lacey
Passed on 15th May 2015

Georgie White
Passed on 2nd April 2015

Megan Cullen
Passed on 24th March 2015

Kate Cooling
Passed on 7th January 2015

Thomas Harper
Passed on 30th March 2015

Jessica Sulivan
Passed on 30th March 2015

Ben Newton
Passed on 19th February 2015

Tom Reeve
Passed on 14 January 2015

Abby Hunter
passed on 24th Dec 2015

Ryan Kellerway
Passed on 19th March 2015

Clair Scott
Passed on 12th February 2015

Poppy Smith
Passed on 7th April 2015

Michael Dymond
passed on 28th May 2015

Rory Tindall
passed on 11th June 2015

Thomas Brocklebank
passed on 17th June 2015

Rebecca Dame
passed on 24th June 2015

Daniel Lowles
passed on 3rd June 2015

Ashley Bailey
passed on 1st October 2015

Adam Robinson
passed on 22nd July 2015

Harvey Hiagh
passed on 1st October 2015

Scott Price
passed on 27th August 2015

William Trotter
passed on 22nd October 2015

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Jim Jackson
passed on 15th October 2015

Bobbi Fox
passed on 3rd Dec 2015

Thalia Barratt
passed on 6th Nov 2015

Liam Entwistle
passed on 7th Dec 2015

Luke Parkinson
passed on 19th Nov 2015

George Jacklin
passed on 10th Dec 2015

Josh Grant
passed on 30th Nov 2015

Oliviar Rigg
passed on 17th Dec 2015

Zac Louth
passed on 16th Dec 2015

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