Class of 2014

Over the years Stewart has successfully taken new drivers through their paces and working hard together we've had many success stories.

Amy Houtby
Passed on 17th Dec 2014

Adam Re
Passed on 4th Dec 2014

Sadie Tindall
Passed on 25th Sept 2014

Lewis Townsend
Passed on 7th August 2014

Chris Reynolds
Passed on 24th Dec 2014

Emma Snowdon
Passed on 6th Nov 2014

Amy Richards
Passed on 15th October 2014

Nancy Bibby
Passed on 21st August 2014

Passed on 27th Nov 2014

Natalie Chardoux
Passed on 25th Nov 2014

Lauren Knowles
Passed on 17th Sept 2014

William Rigg
Passed on 9th July 2014

Ben Mcstay
Passed on 18th Sept 2014

Jonny Whitwell
Passed on 6th August 2014

Laura Townsend
Passed on 1st May 2014

Jessica Holmes
Passed on 3rd July 2014

Cameron Marshall
Passed on 20th February 2014

Hannah Keegan
Passed on January 23rd 2014

Jack Neal
Passed on 27th February 2014

Jack Dando
Passed on 20th March 2014

Robert Benge
Passed on 30th January 2014

Lucy Jacklin
Passed on 6th February 2014

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Harry Graves
Passed on 21 October 2014

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Would like to say a big thank you to Stewart for getting Jack through his test first time!!! You were a fantastic instructor and made jack at ease once again thanks so much.

Jack Dando passed on 20th March 2014