Success Stories of 2022

Over the years Stewart has successfully taken new drivers through their paces and working hard together we've had many success stories.

Caitlin Castle

Passed on 13th Jan 2022

DSCF1587caitlin castle.JPG

Macy Hazel

Passed on 8th March 2022


Elizabeth Robinson

Passed on 21st Jan 2022

DSCF1589elizabeth robinson.JPG

James Steer

Passed on 3rd Feb 2022

DSCF1590james steer.JPG

Jordan Farrow

Passed on 10th March 22

DSCF1593jordan farrow.JPG

Isobel Marshall

Passed on 17th March 22

DSCF1594isobel marshall.JPG

Ella Rostron

Passed on 10th Feb 2022 

DSCF1591ella rostron.JPG

Matthew Calladine

Passed on 22nd March 22

DSCF1595matthew calladine.JPG